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After the turkey, most people tend to agree that the stuffing (or dressing if you are in the South) is the next most important dish on any holiday table. In its simplest form, stuffing is a delectable mixture of bread, savory vegetables (is stuffing really stuffing without onions and celery?), aromatic herbs, and a generous glug of some kind of stock to bring everything together. (Sausage also often makes a cameo.) Not only is stuffing a delicious part of a wonderful meal, it's also so easy to make. It can easily be made ahead of time, which is a fabulous way to prep for an easy-peasy, stress-free Thanksgiving.

Whether baked in the turkey, in a separate casserole dish or both, the stuffing shines. Crispy on the top, fluffy in the middle, stuffing is a crowd-pleaser. Anyone who's anyone at the Thanksgiving table surely helps themselves to a spoonful (or several).

From stuffing recipes to make for the big day itself to recipes that make wonderful use of any leftover stuffing you may have in the fridge the next day, these stuffing recipes are sure to get you in a festive mood. Bacon-wrapped stuffing bites anyone? What about stuffing hash and eggs for a hearty holiday breakfast? Of course you can't go wrong with a traditional stuffing either, so keep reading to discover some excellent, game-changing stuffing recipes.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffing

Bacon-wrapped anything is delicious, right? Well, bacon-wrapped stuffing is no exception and is the perfect way to use up any leftover stuffing you may have after Thanksgiving. This is also a tasty hors d'oeuvre to serve at the beginning of any holiday dinner.

For the Bacon-Wrapped Stuffing recipe, click here.


Baked Butternut Squash With Italian Sausage Stuffing

This combination of butternut squash and Italian sausage is wonderfully savory and sweet. Add in to that a tasty combination of cheese - Parmesan and Asiago - and you've got a winning stuffing recipe that everyone will love.

For the Baked Butternut Squash With Italian Sausage Stuffing recipe, click here.

Brioche Stuffing

Instead of a loaf of white bread, go decadent with some brioche instead! This recipe uses gluten-free brioche, but if there are no allergies, definitely use a regular loaf.

For the Brioche Stuffing recipe, click here.


Chestnut and Brioche Stuffing

Chestnuts, heavy cream and brioche team together in this simple but elegant and indulgent stuffing recipe. Sage and a splash of maple syrup bring a lovely sweet and earthy flavor that complements the chestnuts perfectly.

For the Chestnut and Brioche Stuffing recipe, click here.

Classic Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

There's nothing like a classic, and this stuffing is just that. With onions, celery, chicken stock and an assortment of aromatic herbs, this stuffing is definitely a crowd pleaser.

For the Classic Cornbread Stuffing recipe, click here.

Cranberry, Apple and Sausage Stuffing

This simple stuffing, made with turkey sausage, leeks, dried cranberries, apples and tons of fresh herbs is full of flavor and so delicious!

For the Cranberry, Apple and Sausage Stuffing recipe, click here.

Deep-Fried Stuffing Fritters

To make stuffing fritters, simply combine two recipes: your favorite hush puppy recipe and your go-to stuffing recipe.

For the Deep-Fried Stuffing Fritters recipe, click here.

Double Cornbread Stuffing

This cornbread stuffing is doubly delicious with the addition of whole kernels of corn. Along with the ubiquitous celery, onions and bacon (in this case turkey) this stuffing should not be missed!

For the Double Cornbread Stuffing recipe, click here.


Herbed Oyster Stuffing

Oyster stuffing is a holiday classic that's good any time of year. Our easy-to-make version is so moist and flavorful; it may become a tradition at your table.

For the Herbed Oyster Stuffing recipe, click here.


Herbed Sausage Stuffing

Cauliflower and zucchini might seem like unusual ingredients to put into a stuffing, but this recipe combines them with garlic, sausage, thyme, sage and parsley for a burst of flavor!

For the Herbed Sausage Stuffing recipe, click here.

Mushroom Stuffing With Shallots and Herbs

Mushrooms always deliver a fantastic umami kick to any dish, and this stuffing recipe with fresh herbs, vegetable broth and shallots is no exception!

For the Mushroom Stuffing With Shallots and Herbs recipe, click here.

Whole Foods Market

Mushroom-Herb Stuffing With Dried Plums

Dried plums, celery and mushrooms tossed with toasted bread cubes, stock and wine bake up into a stuffing that's moist, golden brown and a delicious addition to any holiday meal.

For the Mushroom-Herb Stuffing With Dried Plums recipe, click here.

Oyster Stuffing

Shucked oysters, a dash of oyster sauce along with celery, onion, garlic, black pepper and chicken broth make for an extremely tasty stuffing that even skeptics will enjoy.

For the Oyster Stuffing recipe, click here.

Paella Stuffing

Add some Spanish flair to your stuffing this year with traditional paella ingredients - chorizo, saffron, smoked paprika and rice.

For the Paella Stuffing recipe, click here.

Reynolds Kitchen

Pork and Chive Bread Stuffing

Chef Dale Talde puts his spin on classic stuffing with ginger, scallions, soy sauce, sesame oil and ground pork belly. If you love the combination of pork and chive and are looking for something a bit different to bring to the holiday table, try this stuffing recipe!

For the Pork and Chive Bread Stuffing recipe, click here.

Quinoa Stuffing With Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Hazelnut

This quinoa stuffing is gluten-free and perfect for anyone looking for a lighter alternative to the traditional bread stuffing.

For the Quinoa Stuffing With Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Hazelnut recipe, click here.

Jennie O

Stuffing Frittata

The morning after Thanksgiving, stuffing lovers can rework their favorite dish into a classic frittata.

For the Stuffing Frittata recipe, click here.

Stuffing Hash and Eggs

Here's another breakfast idea to incorporate stuffing into hash and eggs the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas to give the dish a wonderful hearty and seasonal leftover spin.

For the Stuffing Hash and Eggs recipe, click here.

Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing

You'll most likely have most of these ingredients needed for this stuffing recipe in your pantry already. You can use fresh or dried spices although fresh are always preferred.

For the Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe, click here.

Whole Roasted Chicken With Lemon Parmesan Stuffing

Sure this is a roast chicken recipe, but why not use this delectable Parmesan stuffing recipe with rosemary, Dijon and lemon zest for your holiday turkey. This recipe makes enough stuffing for two roast chickens, which should translate perfectly into enough stuffing for one turkey.

For the Whole Roasted Chicken With Lemon Parmesan Stuffing recipe, click here.

Jacqui Wedewer

Winter Squash Stuffing

Mushroom and winter squash make a delicious stuffing that is perfect for Thanksgiving. Even better, you can actually prep this stuffing or any of these recipes ahead of time and prep for your easiest Thanksgiving yet.

For the Winter Squash Stuffing recipe, click here.

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