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The park, aptly named Amelia Earhart Park after the pilot who left Hialeah to make her last trip, has something for everyone.

The Bay of Pigs Veterans Association raised $86,000 to open a museum commemorating the failed CIA invasion of Cuba. Rodriguez declined an invitation to have breakfast with Scott in Tallahassee, instead inviting him to visit the veterans and learn more about them. The renovated home in Little Havana was a celebrity president when Donald Trump visited the Brigade 2506 museum and library during the 2016 election and thanked the vets for their support in stumbling Spanish. He told the story of his own military service in the Cuban missile crisis.

A great place to rest, enjoy the day with the family or just discover some talents is this place.

If you make one of these trips, you will gain a new respect for the Everglades ecosystem. Take a day to explore the park and stop off at the farm village to have a bit of fun.

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The tastefully designed museum feels a bit like a Cuban home, with wide windows and a tiled roof that juts out into the main grandstand. The best thing about the park is actually its intersection between art gallery and museum. This sacred museum also serves as a gathering place for veterans who flock to the museum in Spanish and debate vociferously what happens when you share a heavily sweetened espresso.

Take a long walk, pet the zoo, relax and refresh yourself in the public pool or enjoy the giant slides and petting at the zoo.

If you want to shop in Hialeah, Flamingo Plaza is a great place. If you like a good challenge and are itching to rummage through the objects to find one of the treasures you are looking for, I suggest you go to Flamedo Plaza. I have visited and stopped here many times, but I just stopped by.

The former residence is a must for any presidential candidate visiting Miami, including candidate Trump in 2016. The museum's website has more information on the history of President Trump and his family's former residence.

More About Hialeah

More About Hialeah